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Hi, I’m Jeanette!

I started baking granola as a healthy nutrient packed snack that I could take anywhere. Granola bars weren’t cutting it nor were the granola brands I tried (and I tried many). I researched. I tested. I found the best sources for ingredients.

And so it began.

I toted my granola around with me as a snack, put it in Emilia’s muffins, waffles, pancakes. I shared with friends, family and neighbors. After many requests to sell it, HERE I AM – 

The Granola Girl!

The Granola Mama!

…and yes, I get called Emilia.

"Thank you Emilia's Graces for this fantastic treat! I have loved granola since I was a kid and was super sad when I was diagnosed with Celiac's a few years ago. However I stumbled onto your delicious product and it doesn't disappoint! I have been able to enjoy a variety of flavors and each one has been fabulous. The creme brulee is fabulous and so is the salted caramel cashew both enjoyable by themselves or even on top of some honey greek yogurt. Go order some now!!"
Heather Valva
"This granola is amazing!! I have tried many flavors and I’m never disappointed!! My daughter has celiac disease and has to eat gluten free or she gets very sick. The rest of the family rarely eats gluten free because, well it just usually doesn’t taste good… not the case with this granola! I highly recommend this granola for anyone with celiac as a safe item!! And to everyone else who just wants delicious granola!!"
Jennifer Hyler