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Your new favorite granola!

Delicious gluten free granola in a variety of unique flavors

Hi there!

I’m Jeanette, the brains and baker behind this crazy little dream of mine.

I started Emilia’s Graces to share my love of healthy granola with the world. Emilia Grace is my sweet, smart 4 year old who loves to follow me around and go on any adventure we can fit in!

*Jeanette & Emilia
  Chief Baker & Professional Taste Tester

We leave a trail of oats everywhere we go.

Thank you for joining our journey !

Customer Reviews

“BEST GRANOLA I'VE EVERRRRR HAD!!! The Health Nut is an absolute favorite!! I've also purchased a bowl cozie, a makeup bag, and little trinket dishes made of fabric. Amazing quality products!”
“Wonderful granola! My husband and I BOTH accidentally ordered for each other for Christmas and got to try almost every flavor. 🤣😍 Caramel Cashew was our favorite!”